Glasson Country House Hotel Wedding - Suzanne & Paul

When I started out on this wedding photography path in late 2017, Suzanne and Paul were the first couple to book me (armed with zero evidence that I could actually shoot a wedding), and so it fittingly comes to pass that their Glasson wedding on June 21st is the opening entry on my blog.

I'd been really looking forward to this one, and from the minute I pulled up at Paul's house in the morning and encountered his Great Dane, Bubba, until I staggered back to my car in a daze late that evening (sober), it didn't disappoint. 

The ceremony took place in The Nativity of Our Lady church in Naul, Co. Dublin and the reception was in Glasson Country House Hotel in Co. Westmeath, with a quick detour to Ardgillan Castle in between.

Thank you S & P for taking that leap of faith. I’ll leave you with a few kind words from Suzanne.

“On our wedding day, Stephen arrived at Paul’s house early in the morning and was still snapping away until nearly 12 that night. He put in a huge amount of work that day, and when he sent us our photos we were delighted! Every time we look at them it brings us right back to the happiest day of our life. Thank you Stephen for doing such a wonderful job.”