So, what is this ‘documentary wedding photography’ you speak of?

It’s a style of wedding photography based on photojournalism, often taking elements from street photography, that is more about capturing the overall atmosphere and emotion of a great day than treating it like a series of ‘must-have’ shots.

It’s about seeking out magic in odd places or in-between moments, and keeping an eye out for all the naturally-occurring humour and chemistry .

An elderly lady came up to me at a wedding once and said “I’ve been watching how you work and I think it’s brilliant! All kinds of random photos! Typical of (COUPLE) to go for something like that!” I was delighted that she ‘got it’ without even seeing the pics.

I don’t try to be completely invisible - it’s pointless. I’d like to think I get ‘embedded’. When people are at ease around you, you can more easily get a natural-looking shot when you need to.

If you dread the thought of someone getting in the way and always contriving to ‘make things happen’, then this documentary style is for you. You’ve probably spent a fair whack on your day, why not just be yourselves and fully enjoy it?